Habit Changing – Small Habits that Lead to Big Change

3 Ways to Change Your Clutter Creating Habits

1) Do It Right Away!

One of the biggest clutter-creating habits is procrastinating doing small tasks that later become large and daunting tasks. These habits range from: doing dishes, putting clothes away, filing paperwork, unpacking your bag, and putting away groceries. Getting in the habit of doing these two minute tasks right away will significantly help keep your home organized.

What you can do:

  • Pick one clutter-creating habit and commit to doing it right away from now on. Be kind to yourself if you slip up and don’t get discouraged.

  • Tidy Up Time – it works! Take a quick break to tidy up and put items away. You’d be surprised what a difference even two minutes can make!

2) Plan Ahead

We all know that things can change without notice. If you have things ready to go and plan ahead, it helps make the unexpected a breeze.

What you can do:

  • Kitchen: What are your favourite foods that are easy to freeze? Keep a set of tupperware just for freezing food and when preparing meals make extra that you can freeze. Perfect for that busy night when you have no time to cook.

  • Chores: Find a regular and realistic amount of time you can commit to weekly. With this consistency chores will become second nature and things won’t pile up.

3) Be mindful of your time

Start paying attention to how much time you spend on certain things: chores, procrastination, social media, etc.

What you can do:

  • Many of us can admit to is wasting time aimlessly on social media or surfing the internet. Next time you’re in this state of mind, try doing it with intention. Ask yourself: “what am I looking for?” or “why am I going on this site?” or “how long do I want to be doing this?”. These questions help you to be more focused and you may find you have a lot more free time then you realized.

  • Block out time for relaxing! There are always so many things to do. Unless you make the time, you won’t find the time. Taking down time will restore your energy, which in turn will help you be more productive when you want to be.

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