Mindfulness – Never Enough Time?

Feel overwhelmed with not having enough time? Try these three steps to help:

1) Awareness

Create a table with three columns. Make a list of clutter habits in the first column (eg. never putting away your clean laundry). In the second column, write what your barriers are to changing that habit – what’s stopping you? (eg. not scheduling enough time to complete the task).

2) Acceptance

After writing your list, you may noticed some patterns you don’t like, and this can be overwhelming. Accept where you are and realize that if you want to change it will take time.

3) Action

On the top of the page, write down your specific overall goal for your clutter changing habits. Next, in the third column decide on one small, manageable action you can do each day to each of your habits. Don’t be overwhelmed — pick one or two habits to tackle first. Once you have those under your belt, try another one. Before you know it, you will have shifted many of your clutter creating habits!

If you’d like to read more about creating / changing a habit, here’s a great article.

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