Declutter your life with Tonia

What’s underneath your life clutter?
Is it too much to look at alone?
Have you tried before and life keeps piling up?
Let’s get clear on the why and how to move forward together!

A trauma informed approach to clearing your life clutter. 

It’s like having a decluttering and organizing coach, life coach, ADHD coach, trauma coach, spiritual and wellbeing coach all mixed together.

Tonia Cordi founder of Time + Space Solutions

You're not alone in this!

Do you struggle with?

• Anxiety, depression and overwhelm
• ADHD, procrastination and distractions
• Disorganized spaces and time
• Letting go of belongings, beliefs and barriers
• Coping mechanisms that hold you back
• Poor boundary setting and relationship challenges

Do you desire?

• Overcoming obstacles, overwhelm and trauma
• Reconnect to your mind, body and spirit
• To feel lighter, calmer and empowered
• Loving relationships
• Create your new natural rhythm
• Have an organized life
• Live out your soul purpose

Apply for A Free Clarity Call

Are you ready to let go of your past, points of view that keep you stuck, belongings that weigh you down and ready to embrace your power and soul purpose? In the call we look at:
  • What are your biggest challenges and how I can help?
  • The whys behind your life clutter and misalignment
  • What you are willing to let go of and commit to
I will ask you questions to get a better understanding of how I can guide you back to yourself.

3 Phase Process

A trauma informed process to help you let go, recalibrate and get back into alignment!



Learn how to declutter your inner and outer world. This means decluttering everything from your belongings, beliefs, time wasters and trapped emotions. Let go of your past and what’s holding you back!



Get guidance and support around your time and dealing with distractions, procrastination and lack of focus. Together we get you back into your natural rhythm by setting up your time, spaces, and daily flow. Become an intentional creator of your life!


Passion + Power + Purpose

Learn how to stay in alignment with your mind, body and spirit so you can implement your passion, power and purpose! This includes trauma informed business coaching and web design to help you move past emotional and belief barriers.

5 Steps to declutter your home and life

During each phase of the process you will be guided to use these simple 5 steps to help you let go of your belongings, beliefs and time wasters that keep you stuck and cluttered.

Veronica MacLeodVeronica MacLeod
21:26 30 Mar 23
I purchased a package from Tonia as a New Year’s gift for myself and I am so glad I did. I loved having her into my home in person to help me quickly figure out new methods for organizing my space and life! My biggest win was her help with my meal prep/ meal packing which meant it became easy to never eat out unplanned - this had a huge positive impact on my budget.The upgrade to my space also gave me a calmer mind.I so appreciated how she could hear everything I was saying to her and showing her and then share her knowledge to help me organize so much quicker/ using methods I don’t think I would have thought of - modelling many useful ways for me.I also loved her trauma informed approach which pointed out my thinking patterns and how I could come to a centred place to start to create new more helpful patterns in my mind and so my home and life.I think it would be great to work with her on an ongoing basis as I found I had inner resistance to change and so moving at a pace that honours one’s own pace would be a good idea.Some of the most impactful moments working with her for me was when it in touch with my deep inner knowing. I appreciate that her ultimate goal is also to allow people to learn the skills themselves to not need her and I don’t think a single package is long enough to do so even though it gave a big level up.
Rhonda GallantRhonda Gallant
15:28 23 Mar 23
Wow! What can I say about Tonia Cordi, that you couldn't feel for yourself from interacting with her?Within the first five minutes of meeting her, I felt a sense of calm. Her energy was so easy to connect with, right off the hop. She has such a natural way of captivating her audience.I have had the pleasure Of hosting one of Tonia's webcasts and instantly I knew she was a true Gem!As a webcast host in the HR space, I have the pleasure of working with multiple presenters each week. Once I introduce the presenter, I am mainly in the background for tech support; however, when Tonia (Time + Space Solutions) presented I was completely inspired to become a part of the audience, to participate and engage.From a professional standpoint, it almost goes without saying, (especially with the work that she does) that Tonia was super organized, well prepared, creative, intuitive and most of all passionate about what she is presenting and how it can really make a difference for someone who is open to learning and growing, personally and professionally.Tonia was intentional and so easy to follow. She really connected with the audience which is not always easy on a zoom webinar where only the presenter is on camera. Her teaching method is clear, simple, impactful and she sets up participants with easy to attain action items so that the beginning of their learning does not have to end after the 1 hour together. She is a PROSince this webcast Tonia and I have collaborated on other projects and our brainstorming sessions are just AWESOME!I have had many "Aha!" moments from any connection that we have had since, as I have been able relate and process my own feelings around her insights and teachings as I continue to heal and grow on my own recovery journey.Best to all of you as you embark on this and any other adventure with Tonia.You can expect to be inspired and Moved!
Marie LeeMarie Lee
20:44 30 Nov 22
I reached out to Tonia because I wanted to find solutions to managing my home after being diagnosed with ADHD at 30 years old. I felt I didn't understand the basics of organizing, and I was quick to feel overwhelmed and just utterly confused any time I tried to declutter. I was at a point where I felt desperate to get my home life in order for not only myself but for my loved ones as well.Since day one, Tonia came in to my home with such a positive and motivating energy, and her methods are effective but compassionate at the same time and I noticed that I was learning from her instantly. She helped me to understand not only the how, but also the whys of decluttering my home. She planned out a system that works with my own home and lifestyle, to ensure that it would be easy and realistic for me to manage. It has been months since starting this program with her, and even as my personal life turned completely chaotic due to multiple difficult things happening at the same time, Tonia has consistently shown up with that same positive and motivating energy even when I was unable to. She adapted our weekly plans to accommodate for the constant changes that were happening suddenly in my life, even last minute - in order for us to be able to get the most out of each session. There have been so many weeks where I felt that I felt so low that I wouldn't be able to progress that day, but by the end of the session I was always left impressed with how much change and clarity there was to not only my home environment but also with myself.Tonia's background with trauma coaching has helped me immensely, from figuring out the core reasons for the clutter in my home AND life, to helping me dig deeper into the conflicts inside me that held me back from being the organized person I want to be without feeling crippled and intimidated by my ADHD that had consumed so many areas of my life since childhood.I am still a work in progress but Tonia has already left me with so many lifelong, invaluable tools to take better control of my life and my own wellness. I'm continually excited to work with her and so thankful to have found her as she has genuinely made such a positive impact in my home and personal life! 1000%recommended if you're looking for a way to develop a permanent solution to your battle with organization, and not a band-aid one!
Monica BlackMonica Black
20:46 22 Sep 22
Tonia has helped immensely in a) getting my home in good order b) helping executing business projects more efficiently.As a person who is very busy these days I got in a place of feeling I was never able to catch up let alone get ahead with my household. I knew to increase my quality of life I needed the help of a professional. Tonia had a clear vision of what had to happen - yet was respectful of my ideas and remained flexible as well. I have made huge upgrades to the organization, flow, feeling, and appearance of my home after working with Time Space. And this has made a huge impact on the quality of my life. Going through clutter and personal space can be vulnerable - but i always felt comfortable and no judgement working with Tonia. I also liked that she understood the psycho emotional aspects of going through a process like this.Being so happy with her organization skills, I hired Time Space to help with a business project I felt I never had the time to execute. I had the vision. I just needed help on the organization and execution. I feel so happy with the progress we have made so far. All I need to do is just show up to our meetings and complete some tasks and communications . Time Space has organized the project so well it’s felt virtually effortless for me.I would 100% recommend Time Space for any of your organizational needs - whether personal or professional.
Laura BrookesLaura Brookes
02:39 22 Jun 22
I had just moved to a new apartment and was glad to hear of Tonia's space services. I wanted a clear home and Tonia assisted me right away in tackling unnecessary clutter and the thinking behind why I kept these items. Her Five Step Process was effective in helping me be the frugal architect of my space so as to reflect my needs and keep a creative and productive flow.I highly recommend you check out Time + Space Solutions as Tonia is proficient and encouraging to have the space of your dreams back again! Thank you Tonia 🙂


Decluttering Coach

What’s in your backpack? We all have clutter in our lives, especially if we don’t take the time to unpack our backpack of life and become aware of what’s no longer needed. I’ve been doing inner exploration for over 20 years and found that we get stuck and trapped in our past, preventing us from creating in the present moment.

My name is Tonia and I’ve always had a passion to know why some people change and others don’t. Growing up I learned to hold on in many different ways! Everything from my point of view, belongings, beliefs, and emotions. Being an EXTREME empath made this even more challenging because I also held on to other people’s inner clutter and emotions creating overwhelm in my mind, body and spirit.

Over the last 10 years as a decluttering trauma coach, I myself have gone through this process and I can say that I feel lighter, freer, calmer and most of all in alignment with my true self and power.

The cool thing about life is that our point of view creates our reality and who says that “inner work” always has to be hard, stressful or scary. Why not look at life as play, fun and a way to be curious about all the possibilities. With the right guidance, support and direction it can be an experience that you enjoy!

Let’s collaborate, explore and transform in a curious, compassionate and safe space together!

Education + Experience:

  • Honors in Psychology 2002
  • Ontario College of teachers 2003
  • Specialist in Special Education 2011
  • CBT Mindfulness courses 2016
  • Lead mental health workshops for varies organizations
  • Content developer for online adaptive course with
  • International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaches Certification 2022
  • Focusing Part 1 by Eugene Gendline (somatic work) 2024
  • Member of CADDAC

Featured on:

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda, Shelley Rose Shearer

Living The Dream, Timothy Douglas

Better & Better, Jessika Jake

The Health Investment, Brooke Simonson

A Magical Life: Health, Wealth, and Weight Loss, Magic Barclay

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Taking the first steps towards healthy habits

A guidebook for those who want to change one habit at a time

For $11 USD, you will:

  • Learn about three aspects of habit-changing
  • What makes it hard to a habit change
  • Strategies to guide you in integrating your new habits

A step-by-step process to help you finally have those healthy habits you always wanted in your life

Mini Offers

We are a good fit if you are:

  • Committed to growing, evolving and transforming
  • Excited to learn beyond psychology practices
  • Open to digging deep and uncovering hidden gems
  • Aware of some of your patterns that keep you stuck
  • Already on a journey of inner exploration
  • Ready to let go!

Go from being stressed and overwhelmed to being light and free!

1:1 Online Coaching​

Have weekly session so you can learn how to declutter your inner and outer world, let go of your past and what’s holding you back! From there you will learn how reconnect to your power and soul purpose. Trauma informed business coaching also available using a similar process.

In Person​

Is tackling your cluttered spaces and life too much for you to do on your own? If you live in the Toronto area I will come to you and we will release what’s weighing you down.


Do you want an accessible way to transform and let go. Mini offers allow you to get guidebooks that walk you through my process. You can do these at your own pace or request a group workshop.

Letting go of resentments

Are you ready to let go of resentments! This video is the first of a series giving you some insight and strategies on how you can let go of the past and get back into you rhythm and power.

Basic needs to thrive

Aside from our basic needs for survival (food, water, shelter) growing up we have three basic needs that help us develop into confident, adaptable and aligned adults.

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