Intentional Living – Seasonal Change Over




The less change over, the better. Who wants to lug out bins from the basement or garage every season? When you go through the process this year, ask yourself the questions below.

1) How important is it to keep it?

Regardless of what category we are working on with clients, this is the first question we ask. How often do you question how important it is to keep something? This year when you are pulling out your seasonal items ask yourself this and see if it’s causing more clutter than clarity in your in you life.

2) Is it something you can borrow if you only use it once during a season?

When doing chores around the house, like tilling a garden, why buy a machine when you only use it once or twice a year? Places like the Toronto Tool Library are making it easier for people to borrow these types of items. Or better yet, why not talk your neighbours and see who is interested in sharing infrequently used items?

3) Who can help me?

Are you doing everything on your own because you don’t feel others can do it as well as you? Are you afraid to ask for help in fear that you’re bothering someone? Are there tasks that you could hire someone to do that would save you a significant amount of time and energy?

Letting go of belongings isn’t the only way of letting go. Letting go of old beliefs that make your life harder is another way to lighten your load and can bring you closer to others. We are generally used to a more individualistic society where we are taught to do everything on our own in order to be successful. Is this working for you? Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

What do you need to change in order to make your season change simpler and more sustainable?

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