Sustainability – How Are You Supporting A Bunz Circular Economy Culture?

Bunz, a Toronto-based online bartering community, was originally created as a Facebook group intended to help people navigate high costs of living, support a cash-free, circular economy, and promote environmental sustainability. Since the introduction of the app and btz, a drastic shift in culture seems to have taken place. Today, I’ve been noticing an emphasis […]

Sustainability – Declutter Before Green Design

Getting organized can often be a long, ongoing process. It’s easy to put off until tomorrow, especially when it’s not part of your daily routine. A housing transition is an optimal time to finally declutter and get organized because it gives you the opportunity to start anew. The organizing process also helps to clarify the […]

Mindfulness – Minimize + Organize + Sustain

I was recently invited to be a guest speaker for Global Figure and was given only ten minutes to talk about what I do, and why. This short format was quite the challenge. I’ve written numerous blog posts about organizing and my business, and have spoken about minimal living and its positive effects to anyone […]

Sustainability – Get Organized and Sustainable: DIY Cleaning Products

     What do cleaning products have to do with getting organized?  When we’re organized it’s easier to make the time to care about ourselves, others, our communities, and the environment. The type of cleaning products we use directly affect our health and the environment — “all-purpose” cleaning products are commonly used without considering their […]

Sustainability – What Does Food Waste Have To Do With Being Organized?

When I work in cluttered kitchens with clients, I always find piles of expired food hiding in the back of cupboards, and fridges busting with old condiments that are way past their due date. Through these experiences I’ve seen the connection between being organized and reducing waste in the kitchen.   In Canada alone, $31 […]

Sustainability – How Getting Organized Made Me More Environmentally Sustainable

Have you ever tracked how much time you spend shopping or looking for the latest item to buy?  Do you find yourself moving piles of stuff from one place to another in search of something?  Have you ever thought about your “stuff” impacting your ability to stay organized, the environment, and your health? It’s been […]

Intentional Living – How To Implement Your Intentions + Goals

Creating intentions is inspiring and exciting — implementing them is another story. After identifying your intentions, it’s key to reflect on your barriers (and why you’ve procrastinated in the past) and create strategies to ensure you follow through.     3 Steps To Make Your Intentions Actualize Make a Plan: A good plan needs a […]

Habit Changing – Small Habits that Lead to Big Change

3 Ways to Change Your Clutter Creating Habits 1) Do It Right Away! One of the biggest clutter-creating habits is procrastinating doing small tasks that later become large and daunting tasks. These habits range from: doing dishes, putting clothes away, filing paperwork, unpacking your bag, and putting away groceries. Getting in the habit of doing […]

Intentional Living – Seasonal Change Over

    The less change over, the better. Who wants to lug out bins from the basement or garage every season? When you go through the process this year, ask yourself the questions below. 1) How important is it to keep it? Regardless of what category we are working on with clients, this is the […]