Declutter Your Holidays: Including the Dysfunction

The holidays can be a magical time of year. Whether it’s connected to a spiritual or religious practice or it’s a time to gather with friends and family to connect and reflect on the year. For me it’s a time of magic, one that I felt as a child and still try to connect with […]

How Trauma Shows Up In Your Time, Space + Relationships | How To Heal From Trauma

Repeated challenging experiences make us vulnerable to losing connection with ourselves, others and the world. This disconnection can be repaired, healed and transformed by taking the time to go within, and begin to peel apart the stories and beliefs we carry. Where did they come from, are they even true, and do they really allow […]

Mental Health: How Trauma Shows Up in Our Lives

Trauma has become the new buzz word. What does it really mean and how does it show up in our lives? It’s not only the big trauma’s that affects, it’s also the accumulation of small hurts that affect us deeply. Learn more in this months blog about trauma and healing from it.

Time Management: 5 Steps To Being More Productive In a Meaningful Way

When I used to hear the word productivity I would cringe. To me it meant being at high speed, always go go go and never stopping to smell the flowers. I imagined someone who is always on and never has down time to just be and enjoy the moment. That may be some people’s version […]

New Year, New Way: Striking Balance Between Creating and Allowing

The concept of creating can also be seen as “doing,” where we focus on our external world and getting things done. It can mean creating a list of desired outcomes, both internally (like being more accepting of others) and externally (working on writing each day).

Wellness Trends: How can you better approach 2022 and make lasting change?

Wellness trends come and go. However, over the years there’s been a steady increase in peoples’ awareness and the time spent caring for their health. When I work with clients, we address their overall health, including their time, their spaces, routines, and what feeds their bodies, minds and spirits. This supports them in being able […]

Core Values: How Being Connected to Your Values Can Help You Set Meaningful Goals

Over the years I’ve written blogs about goals setting and intention setting within the context of my process. This first step allows you to look deep within and see how your inner desires are or are not showing up in your life. Values are qualities, characteristics, principles or expectations of behaviour that are truly important […]