Setting Boundaries – The Dreaded To Do List


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Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Do you have items on your list that have been there for months?
Do you have multiple to do lists?

Check out the suggestions below to help you overcome the dreaded to do list.

1) Accept that you will always have one

Do you feel like your list will never end? The reality is, it won’t. This is not a bad thing, unexpected surprises are a part of life. It’s important to be aware of your priorities when you go to work on your to do list.

2) Being present does wonders – forget multitasking

I used to be the multitasking queen and now I do everything I can to avoid it. I found it to be stressful and tiring, and I wasn’t doing a good job at anything because my attention was divided.

By focusing on one task at a time and being in the moment you will:

  • Be able to finish your tasks faster, with more attention to detail

  • Feel less anxiety about your overall to do list

  • Have a greater sense of satisfaction once you have completed a task

3) Apps

We say Keep, because for us it’s all about keeping it simple. Google Keep syncs directly with your Gmail account, and is accessible on any device online or offline. It categories your items like sticky notes that you can colour code. We recommend that you group similar tasks. Ie. work, chores, errands, info, admin.

There are many other options — this article describes some of the most popular, with great short videos to help you find the best fit.

Remember, it’s all about breaking tasks down into smaller parts and focusing on one step at a time. And most of all, remember to relax and enjoy the process!

Our next edition will help you break down and simplify the seasonal change over.

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