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After years of working one on one and in small groups I decided to take things a step further. I am using my passion for creating courses and programs mixed with what I’ve learned over the last 25 years around, healing, transforming and change to provide you with accessible tools so you can learn to let go, get back into your natural rhythm and back into your power.

Learn more about the membership, my intentions and what to expect.

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$ 44 Interactive Learning
  • Anxiety and the clutter it creates course with worksheets and video lectures
  • Biweekly live Q & A
  • Video lectures for each course
  • Free mini handbook of overall process with exercises
  • Intro program content and worksheets
  • New programs and courses every 6 to 8 weeks
  • Monthly newsletter and upcoming news
  • Monthly challenge


$ 11 Self Paced Learning
  • Free mini handbook of overall process with exercises​
  • Monthly newsletter and upcoming news​
  • Intro Program content and worksheets​
  • New courses with content and handouts every 6 to 8 weeks
  • Monthly challenge​​

What Client are saying

Since day one, Tonia came in to my home with such a positive and motivating energy, and her methods are effective but compassionate at the same time and I noticed that I was learning from her instantly. She helped me to understand not only the how, but also the whys of decluttering my home. She planned out a system that works with my own home and lifestyle, to ensure that it would be easy and realistic for me to manage…. There have been so many weeks where I felt that I felt so low that I wouldn’t be able to progress that day, but by the end of the session I was always left impressed with how much change and clarity there was to not only my home environment but also with myself. Read more here.



1:1 Client

Wow! What can I say about Tonia Cordi, that you couldn’t feel for yourself from interacting with her?

Within the first five minutes of meeting her, I felt a sense of calm. Her energy was so easy to connect with, right off the hop. She has such a natural way of captivating her audience….

From a professional standpoint, it almost goes without saying, (especially with the work that she does) that Tonia was super organized, well prepared, creative, intuitive and most of all passionate about what she is presenting and how it can really make a difference for someone who is open to learning and growing, personally and professionally.



Web podcast Host

Working with Tonia has been Amazing and exactly what our family needed. Being “Collectors”, living in an apartment and trying to make more room for a growing family, I was overwhelmed by how all our stuff was growing and how we were living on top of stuff. I could only tackle the plasticware drawer so many times and feel defeated. I searched out someone who could help us declutter. Knowing I didn’t want someone coming in and bulldozing it all, I was looking for someone to help guide me as I knew it was Me that needed to do the work.



1:1 Client

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