Life Alignment Coaching

What’s underneath your life clutter?
Is it too much to look at alone?
Have you tried before and life keeps piling up?
Let’s clear your life clutter together!

I support and guide you in letting go of the parts of your past that keep you stuck, stressed and overwhelmed.

Passion + Power + Purpose

My passion is giving you a process that allows you to let go so you can get back into your power, feel calm, clear and more confident in living your soul purpose.

You're not alone in this!

Do you struggle with:

Anxiety, depression and overwhelm ADHD, procrastination and distractions Disorganized spaces and time Letting go of belongings, beliefs and habits Coping mechanisms that hold you back Poor boundary setting and relationship challenges

With a clear path you can:

Overcome obstacles, overwhelm and trauma Reconnect to your mind, body and spirit Feel lighter, calmer and empowered Improve your relationships Create your new natural rhythm Have an organized life Be in alignment with who you truly are Live out your soul purpose

Apply for A Free Alignment Call

Are you ready to let go of your past, points of view that keep you stuck, belongings that weigh you down and ready to embrace your power and soul purpose?

  • What are your biggest challenges and how I can help
  • The whys behind your life clutter and misalignment
  • What you are willing to let go of and commit to

I will ask you questions to get a better understanding of how I can guide you to reconnect to your power and soul purpose.

3 Phase Process

A step by step process to help you let go, recalibrate and get back into alignment!



Learn how to declutter your inner and outer world and let go of your past and what’s holding you back!



Get into your natural rhythm by setting up your time, spaces, daily flow, and be an intentional creator of your life!


Passion + Power + Purpose

Learn how to stay in alignment with your mind, body and spirit so you can implement your passion, power and purpose!


Life Alignment Coaching

What’s in your backpack? We all have clutter in our lives, especially if we don’t take the time to unpack our backpack of life and become aware of what’s no longer needed. I’ve been doing inner exploration for over 20 years and found that we get stuck and trapped in our past, preventing us from creating in the present moment.

Growing up I learned to hold on in many different ways! Everything from my point of view, belongings, beliefs, habits and emotions. Being an EXTREME empath made this even more challenging because I also held on to other people’s inner clutter and emotions creating overwhelm in my mind, body and spirit.

Over the last 9 years as a life alignment coach, I myself have gone through the process and I can say that I feel lighter, freer, calmer and most of all in alignment with my true self and power.

The cool thing about life is that our point of view creates our reality and who says that “inner work” has to be hard, stressful and scary. Why not look at everything in life as play, fun and a way to be curious and explore all the possibilities. With the right guidance, support and clear direction it can be an experience that you enjoy!

Let’s collaborate, explore and transform in a curious, compassionate, caring and safe space together!

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We are a Good Fit If You Are:

  • Committed to growing, evoliving and transforming
  • Excited to learn beyond psychology practices
  • Open to dig deep and uncovering hidden gems
  • Aware of some of your patterns that keep you stuck
  • Already on your journey of inner exploration
  • Ready to let go!

Go from being stressed and overwhelmed to being light and free!

1 : 1 Online Coaching​

Together we meet weekly to shift you from being stuck and overwhelmed to free, flowing and purposeful.  This includes all areas of your life, from your spaces, time and wellbeing.

In Person​

Is tackling your cluttered spaces too much for you to do on your own? If you live in the Toronto area I will come to you and we will release what’s weighing you down in your spaces.

Memberships + Courses

Stay tuned on for mini courses that are self paced, group courses and multi-tiered memberships.     

Labels can be helpful in getting a sense of why you are struggling in a particular area and it they can also be crutch to not creating change. Listen and see how you can let go of labels and get clarity on your needs.

The Connection Between Trauma + ADHD

Your F Type + The Clutter It Creates

For many years I heard about being in fight or flight mode or being triggered and brought outside of my nervous system window. I learned that there are more than those two states we can go into when we perceive that we are unsafe. These states are now known as “f types”: fight, flight, freeze, and fawn.

Stay tuned for memberships options, free mini programs and courses!