Mental Health: Why Do We Resist Change?

Trauma has become the new buzz word. What does it really mean and how does it show up in our lives? It’s not only the big trauma’s that affects, it’s also the accumulation of small hurts that affect us deeply. Learn more in this months blog about trauma and healing from it.

Adaptability: How Being Adaptable Can Help You Be More Organized

What does it mean to be adaptable? Being adaptable means how you respond and how flexible you are in a situation. It’s something that you can learn over time and involves being willing and your ability to actually change. This can be difficult for many because of lack of self awareness, poor communication skills and […]

Personal Goal Setting – Where to Begin When Creating Your Own Business

Creating a business is exciting and at the same time can feel daunting because there are so many aspects to running a business. The need for sales and a steady income can sometimes get in the way of why you created your business and your original intentions. First Steps in Brainstorming For Your Business For […]

Mindfulness – Moving Away From Digital Distractions

Often people speak of not having enough time to: workout, stay organized, eat healthy, wasting less food, etc. Our lives are filled with options and these options can be helpful and harmful at the same time. With the introduction of the smartphone and other platforms, it’s all too easy to get sucked into digital distractions […]

Boundaries – Setting Boundaries with Your Belongings

You’re belongings. Do you own them or do they own you? Where do you begin and you’re belongings end?  I’ve talked about our relationship to our belongings in other blog posts.  This month I’d like to take another look at belongings and go over how to set boundaries with them. Setting boundaries can be very […]

Setting Boundaries – Time to Make Time

Often when people think of boundaries the first thing that may come to mind are boundaries in relationships, or the boundaries they see in physical spaces, like property lines. All types of boundaries play a role in creating a healthy balanced life. Having boundaries around time is something that is also important to address and […]

Setting Boundaries – Creating Boundaries With Your Spaces

Our spaces are a mirror reflection of what’s going on on the inside. They can give us many clues to what our boundaries are like with time, our belongings, money, relationships, and even our work. Most of all they can give us insight to what boundaries we set around self care and what we are […]

Mindfulness – The Need For More, How You Can Shift To Needing Less

This month I focused on how becoming more present and aware of the ego can help us let go of the binds we have with identifying with our belongings and the constant need for more. I was very inspired and gained a lot of clarity myself after reading Eckhart Tolle book A New Earth, on […]