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Are you ready to let go of feeling stressed, stuck and overwhelmed?

Passion + Power + Purpose

I guide and support people who are committed to reconnecting with their inner power and purpose!

I help you let go of your past and get back into alignment so you can get unstuck, clear and confident in the life you want to create.

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Are you ready to let go of your past, points of view that keep you stuck, belongings that weigh you down and ready to embrace your power and soul purpose?

  • What are your biggest challenges and how I can help

  • The whys behind your life clutter and misalignment

  • What you are willing to let go of and commit to

I will ask you questions to get a better understanding of how I can guide you to reconnect to your power and soul purpose.

  • Confusion to Clarity

    “ I reached out to Tonia because I wanted to find solutions to managing my home after being diagnosed with ADHD at 30 years old. I felt I didn’t understand the basics of organizing, and I was quick to feel overwhelmed and just utterly confused any time I tried to declutter. I was at a point where I felt desperate to get my home life in order for not only myself but for my loved ones as well….continue reading here.

    Marie | Tattoo Artist

  • Chaos to calm

    “It’s almost impossible to put into words what Tonia does! I was calling her my Clutter Coach – but let me tell you, she was so much more than that!!! (And still is). My home and life were out of control. I felt like I was living in constant chaos (and I was!!). From the first phone conversation with Tonia, I knew this would be so much more than just de-cluttering my house. I knew this would be therapeutic. And it was life changing. She helped me to envision what I wanted for my home, and taught me the tools to help execute it. And – while she was teaching – we were ACTUALLY de-cluttering myself! It was like ‘working therapy’ and I think it is brilliant! This is an investment in yourself. This is not to just de-clutter your home. This is more about you. This is to take inventory of what is serving you well and what is not, remove the baggage (literally and figuratively), organize what you have to make life more functional & manageable, and then start working towards your future with a clean slate. Thank you Tonia! You mean so much to me.”

    – Kerri | Energy Conservation

  • Holding On To Letting Go

    “Working with Tonia has been Amazing and exactly what our family needed. Being “Collectors”, living in an apartment and trying to make more room for a growing family, I was overwhelmed by how all our stuff was growing and how we were living on top of stuff. I could only tackle the plasticware drawer so many times and feel defeated. I searched out someone who could help us declutter. Knowing I didn’t want someone coming in and bulldozing it all, I was looking for someone to help guide me as I knew it was Me that needed to do the work.

    Tonia’s sessions have been very good therapy. She helps put things in a different perspective, helps you create better habits that have an excellent chance of sticking. These skills not only help with the physical clutter, but also dealing with the mental clutter as well. It’s only been a few months and already I can see the difference. Dinners on an uncluttered kitchen table, so much easier tidying our 5 year olds room and no longer a battle with the plasticware! Thank you so much Tonia!”

    – Andrea | Film Industry

  • New Beginnings

    “I had just moved to a new apartment and was glad to hear of Tonia’s space services. I wanted a clear home and Tonia assisted me right away in tackling unnecessary clutter and the thinking behind why I kept these items. Her Five Step Process was effective in helping me be the frugal architect of my space so as to reflect my needs and keep a creative and productive flow.

    I highly recommend you check out Time + Space Solutions as Tonia is proficient and encouraging to have the space of your dreams back again! Thank you Tonia :)”

    Laura | Thai Massage Therapist

  • From overwhelm to balance

    “I came to Time + Space Solutions and began working with Tonia in September 2021. Although being very organized in my work environment, my personal life and space was a shambles. I felt like I was stuck and simply spinning my wheels.

    Tonia is much more than an organizer … she is empathic, caring and knowledgeable. She has the unique ability to ask the right questions, sum up situations and formulate plans that are challenging yet attainable while remaining flexible to situations or feelings that arise. Tonia gently but firmly pushes you to look at things from other viewpoints and to do things/think differently than you have before with the result that you feel able to move out of the rut and make meaningful and lasting changes to your physical space, habits and behaviour. I highly recommend Tonia and the changes that she can help you bring into your life.”

    – Eileen | Health care practitioner

  • From radom to rhythm

    “I sought out Tonia’s services while going through a major life transition of going back to university after ten years. I knew that this transition was going to be difficult but with the help of Tonia, I was able to quickly restructure my routines and habits to accommodate my new lifestyle. This set me up for success and I was able to ace all my exams in the first semester all while finding the balance in life that I was looking for.

    The reason I think Tonia’s method works it because she breaks down large tasks into achievable steps all while linking different aspects of your life that you may not think are that important. For example, one of our first steps was decluttering my study area. I never realized how much having a tidy, functional work space increases your study efficiency dramatically and makes other tasks such as planning all that much easier. When working with Tonia, she will take a holistic approach and create a plan of action that is catered specifically to you and your goals. I would highly recommend Tonia to anyone looking to restructure their life, eliminate any unwanted clutter, whether it be physical or mental, and find balance in their life.”

    — Jose | Student

  • Webinar Testimonial

    Wow! What can I say about Tonia Cordi, that you couldn’t feel for yourself from interacting with her?

    Within the first five minutes of meeting her, I felt a sense of calm. Her energy was so easy to connect with, right off the hop. She has such a natural way of captivating her audience.

    I have had the pleasure Of hosting one of Tonia’s webcasts and instantly I knew she was a true Gem!

    As a webcast host in the HR space, I have the pleasure of working with multiple presenters each week. Once I introduce the presenter, I am mainly in the background for tech support; however, when Tonia (Time + Space Solutions) presented I was completely inspired to become a part of the audience, to participate and engage. Read the rest here.

    Rhonda |

  • From indecisive to powerful intention

    I purchased a package from Tonia as a New Year’s gift for myself and I am so glad I did. I loved having her into my home in person to help me quickly figure out new methods for organizing my space and life! My biggest win was her help with my meal prep/ meal packing which meant it became easy to never eat out unplanned – this had a huge positive impact on my budget.

    The upgrade to my space also gave me a calmer mind.

    I so appreciated how she could hear everything I was saying to her and showing her and then share her knowledge to help me organize so much quicker/ using methods I don’t think I would have thought of – modelling many useful ways for me.

    Continue reading here.

    Veronica | Social Worker

“Working with Tonia was a combination of reflection and action. I didn’t realized but I went from being stuck to moving. I started making changes in my physical space and internally.”

Gaby | Mental Health Professional

I support and guide you to overcome:

  • Anxiety and overwhelm

  • ADHD, procrastination and distractions

  • Difficulty making decisions

  • Wasting time looking for things

  • Disorganized spaces

  • Letting go of belongings, beliefs and habits that keep you stuck

  • Lack of clarity around your life purpose

  • Coping mechanisms that hold you back

  • Poor boundary setting and relationship challenges

About Tonia Cordi

I’ve been exploring transformation for over 20 years. When I was a teacher I focused on inspiring and finding my students passion and purpose. As a coach I did the same. Along the way I have picked up many tools, insights and points of view that have helped me feel lighter, freer and most of all in my power. The more I can stay in alignment and connected to my soul purpose the easier and more fun life is. 

I grew up not knowing how I felt, or when I did, I didn’t know what to do with those feelings because a lot of the time I was picking up what was around me. Can we say EXTREME empath!  I also had no clue how to take care of myself and stand in my power. Without these skills I carried a heaviness of my past and I often didn’t feel like myself.  I craved to feel free, lighter, joyful, creative, and to live a life where I could guide others to feel the same. 

Working As A Life Alignment Coach

Over the last nine years I’ve played and experimented with different strategies, techniques, tools that help reconnect the mind, body and spirit so I and my clients can stand in our power and purpose.  

The cool thing is that our point of view creates our reality and who says that “inner work” has to be hard, stressful and scary. Why not look at everything in life as play, fun and a way to be curious and explore all the possibilities.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t have moments of discomfort, stress or overwhelm. It means that when they arise I can approach them with a new point of view that doesn’t keep me trapped in the past and heaviness rather a curiosity and quick shift back to my centre, back to my power, back to me.

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  • 1 : 1 Online Coaching

    Together we meet weekly to shift you from being stuck and overwhelmed to free, flowing and purposeful. This includes all areas of your life, from your spaces, time and wellbeing.

  • In Person

    Is tackling your cluttered spaces too much for you to do on your own? If you live in the Toronto area I will come to you and we will release what’s weighing you down in your spaces.

  • Courses + Classes

    Are you ready to set yourself free of anxiety and the clutter it creates! Sign up for this 4 week online class via tonia@timeandspacesolutions.

Go from being stress and overwhelmed

to being light and free!

  • Create new behaviours, habits and routines that support your nervous system

  • AND best of all have an organized life that helps foster your power and soul purpose

  • Overcome obstacles and overwhelm

  • Reconnect to your mind, body and spirit

  • Feel lighter and face your fears

  • Improve your relationships

The Connection Between Trauma + ADHD

Labels can be helpful in getting a sense of why you are struggling in a particular area and it they can also be crutch to not creating change. Listen and see how you can let go of labels and get clarity on your needs.

Your F Type + The Clutter It Creates

For many years I heard about being in fight or flight mode or being triggered and brought outside of my nervous system window. I learned that there are more than those two states we can go into when we perceive that we are unsafe. These states are now known as “f types”: fight, flight, freeze, and fawn.

 Feel lighter so you can reconnect with your power and purpose!

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