The organized and minimal lifestyle has become a trend that can come with a big price tag. There are many new products out there, like sleek white storage solutions, closet organizers and so much more that claim that they will “fix your clutter problem?”. What exactly is the problem? It is simply that you never had that perfect organizing container? No. Most likely, you already have too many things, and buying another product isn’t going to help.  Getting to the root of your clutter problem (usually habit and lifestyle related) is key. It’s important to find ways to avoid the consumer trap and finding ways to do it without the high cost is what it’s all about.


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Best Ways to Be Organized On A Budget

1. Skip Expensive Storage Solutions

I am all about reusing and DIY solutions, but I also know that things sometimes can look junky when they don’t match or are stored in re-purposed containers. With the numerous clients I’ve worked with, I’ve learned that if you reduce your belongings to include only what you use and matches your lifestyle, you’ll be surprised by how few storage solutions you actually need. Instead you’ll find that you can use what you already have and that you current drawer and closet systems are enough.

For those smaller items that need some structure it may be a good time to do a DIY project or just look at another way to organize them.

2. Eco-friendly products can be expensive, but are they always worth it?

Instagram is full of really cool alternatives to products that are plastic and waste free, however, many of them come at a high price, aren’t local, and may not really be necessary for your life. More often than not you can just go without using these products all together or make something comparable on your own.  

Sometimes buying expensive Eco-friendly items are worth the investment, especially if it’s an item you use often. In these cases, the high one-time cost is well worth it. (For example, a metal shaving razor.) It’s very important for me for me that minimalist and organizational products are financially accessible and buying them isn’t always the answer, necessary and can create unwanted clutter in your life.

3. Rethink before you buy and avoid “sale” mindset

How many times have you experienced these situations?

I’ve been playing the waiting game for many years. If I think of something I feel I need, I wait for a few weeks. More often than not, I forget entirely about that item or realize that I was fine without it. There are so many things to buy, but avoiding the initial impulse and not wasting your money is actually very gratifying and the key to making real change. It’s time to stop and rethink before you buy so you can stop your clutter creating cycle.

What free organizing strategies have you used?
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