Personal Growth: How We Get Stuck In Our Lives

It’s easy to stay in comfort and get into a rhythm of sameness, this way of being can create stagnation and a feeling of being stuck. Other ways that we can become stuck is having too many ideas without any focus or direction. This can make us feel like we are going in circles and not getting anywhere.

New Year, New Way: Striking Balance Between Creating and Allowing

The concept of creating can also be seen as “doing,” where we focus on our external world and getting things done. It can mean creating a list of desired outcomes, both internally (like being more accepting of others) and externally (working on writing each day).

Mindfulness – The Need For More, How You Can Shift To Needing Less

This month I focused on how becoming more present and aware of the ego can help us let go of the binds we have with identifying with our belongings and the constant need for more. I was very inspired and gained a lot of clarity myself after reading Eckhart Tolle book A New Earth, on […]

Mindfulness – Never Enough Time?

Feel overwhelmed with not having enough time? Try these three steps to help: 1) Awareness Create a table with three columns. Make a list of clutter habits in the first column (eg. never putting away your clean laundry). In the second column, write what your barriers are to changing that habit – what’s stopping you? […]