Time Management: 5 Steps To Being More Productive In a Meaningful Way

When I used to hear the word productivity I would cringe. To me it meant being at high speed, always go go go and never stopping to smell the flowers. I imagined someone who is always on and never has down time to just be and enjoy the moment. That may be some people’s version […]

Mindfulness – Letting Go Of To Do Distractions

This vlog goes over the basics of to do distractions and how we can eliminate those to do’s that don’t serve us. Often people put more on their plate than they can handle and in some ways they are distractions to staying focused on what’s important to us. I walk people through a process of getting […]

Mindfulness – Tackling To Do Distractions

Are you the type of person who will only do something if it’s perfect? Or do you like things done a certain way and won’t let anyone else do it? Does your to do list end up being way longer than those around you, so you get resentful because others’ are not pulling their weight? […]

Mindfulness – Shifting Digital Distraction

  Being intentional is key and an important first step to making any change. Check out this video on digital distractions and learn how you can shift your habits and become more present and in alignment with your intentions.

Mindfulness – Moving Away From Digital Distractions

Often people speak of not having enough time to: workout, stay organized, eat healthy, wasting less food, etc. Our lives are filled with options and these options can be helpful and harmful at the same time. With the introduction of the smartphone and other platforms, it’s all too easy to get sucked into digital distractions […]

Setting Boundaries – Time to Make Time

Often when people think of boundaries the first thing that may come to mind are boundaries in relationships, or the boundaries they see in physical spaces, like property lines. All types of boundaries play a role in creating a healthy balanced life. Having boundaries around time is something that is also important to address and […]

Intentional Living – 3 Ways to Be Intentional With Your Time + Space

It’s a New Year and a good time to focus on new goals. What are yours? I’ve spent many years working with clients to help them realize their goals and intentions, and would love to share what I’ve learned.  Before starting, it’s extremely important to realize you can’t do it all.  We all have numerous […]