Life Alignment Coaching

My approach to helping people get back into their power and purpose is to declutter and organise their life. This allows us to get you back into your natural rhythm and living with intention. We all have clutter in our lives for a reason. After unpacking my own life clutter, and working with clients for over 9 years, I developed a process that helps you understand the “whys?” Like, why do I have so many clothes? Why do I feel so much guilt around letting go? Why do I insist on doing things a certain way? 

We all carry a backpack of life filled with our possessions, views of ourselves, beliefs, values, past painful experiences and trauma. Over time it accumulates and gets really heavy which takes up all of your energy and prevents you from moving forward. The only way to keep a light load that allows us to be anchored and connected to our values, is to do an ongoing inventory of what’s inside and letting go of what we no longer need. 

The reality is, if we don’t take the time to deal with the past, and how it’s affecting our current lives, we run the risk of suddenly having to deal with what seems like an unmanageable amount. 

This process is really about helping you reconnect with the parts of you that got buried and lost in the clutter (coping with life and past wounds). Working together, you can gain new perspectives on your past experiences, beliefs, routines and patterns. For example, keeping things because “what if I need it one day” can be transformed into “I trust that if I need something again I will find a way to get it.”

Experience + Qualifications

Teaching Experience

OCT Elementary Teach from 2003 to 2020

Specialist in Special Education

Drama and Arts Qualification

Coaching + Content + Facilitation

Organizing + Decluttering Coach from 2014 to Present

Mental Health Workshops 2019 to Present 

Certification with International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching

Three Easy Steps

  • Release

    When we hold onto the past and cling to our limiting beliefs, we feel stuck and unable to create. As you learn to let go by starting with your spaces you begin to uncover all the habits, beliefs, coping mechanisms, points of view that have taken you away from being in alignment and in your power and purpose.

    This means letting go of the stories of what happened and releasing trapped emotions in your mind, body and spirit. It is here where you will naturally reconnect to the love in your heart.

  • Rhythm

    As you went through the letting go process you were able to release patterns that kept you trapped in the past. Now it’s time to organize what remains and get your time and spaces in order. This supports your natural rhythm and helps integrate what keeps you in alignment. We work on what boundaries you need to set in your relationships, finances, how you spend your time and other areas of your life where you struggle.

    The second part is to create your custom tool box that you can go to when you feel off, out of alignment and not in your power.

  • Power + Purpose

    Now you are ready to focus your time and energy into what you want your ideal life to look like. This includes your soul purpose and what that looks like on a day to day basis. Is it a business, a way of living, a message or the types of relationships you want to cultivate?

    During this process you will continue to transform your points of view and challenge yourself to do things you thought were impossible!

Your Journey to reconnect and live your life purpose:

  • Mapping out a concrete plan what you are creating

  • Overcoming barriers to changing habits, routine and lifestyle

  • Clearing clutter in your mind and life

  • Addressing past experiences and helping you move forward from them with new perspective

  • Focusing and reconnecting with what’s important to you

  • Reframing negative thinking

  • Creating better boundaries and harmony in all areas of your life that created clutter and stress

  • Learning better life management skills, self care and improving your mental health

What People Are Saying

“Working with Tonia has been Amazing and exactly what our family needed. Being “Collectors”, living in an apartment and trying to make more room for a growing family, I was overwhelmed by how all our stuff was growing and how we were living on top of stuff. I could only tackle the plasticware drawer so many times and feel defeated. I searched out someone who could help us declutter. Knowing I didn’t want someone coming in and bulldozing it all, I was looking for someone to help guide me as I knew it was Me that needed to do the work.
Tonia’s sessions have been very good therapy. She helps put things in a different perspective, helps you create better habits that have an excellent chance of sticking. These skills not only help with the physical clutter, but also dealing with the mental clutter as well. It’s only been a few months and already I can see the difference. Dinners on an uncluttered kitchen table, so much easier tidying our 5 year olds room and no longer a battle with the plasticware! Thank you so much Tonia!”
– Andrea | Film Industry


“I did online coaching sessions with Tonia with the goal of finding clarity on my professional goals. With her guidance, I made a vision for many areas of my life and started taking steps in that direction. I let go of physical and emotional stuff I no longer needed and I applied to job opportunities that were in tune with my values, wants and needs. I’m happy to say my apartment looks and feels better and soon after my sessions with Tonia ended, I got a job offer for a position that was better than what I had imagined.”

— Gabriela B.

“It’s almost impossible to put into words what Tonia does! I was calling her my Clutter Coach – but let me tell you, she was so much more than that!!! (And still is). My home and life were out of control. I felt like I was living in constant chaos (and I was!!). From the first phone conversation with Tonia, I knew this would be so much more than just de-cluttering my house. I knew this would be therapeutic. And it was life changing. She helped me to envision what I wanted for my home, and taught me the tools to help execute it. And – while she was teaching – we were ACTUALLY de-cluttering myself! It was like ‘working therapy’ and I think it is brilliant! This is an investment in yourself. This is not to just de-clutter your home. This is more about you. This is to take inventory of what is serving you well and what is not, remove the baggage (literally and figuratively), organize what you have to make life more functional & manageable, and then start working towards your future with a clean slate. Thank you Tonia! You mean so much to me.”
– Kerri | Energy Conservation


“The value of working with Tonia was immediately apparent. Her system broke down my personal goals into managed, incremental changes and helped me to focus on sustained change that would benefit not only myself but also my business.

 I highly recommend Tonia’s services – anyone can benefit from the process and reap the professional and personal rewards of establishing a better relationship with your personal environment and yourself.”

— Kevin MacKenzie.