How Create Your Own Business

Last month’s blog introduced you to the importance of sitting down and getting clear on your intentions and goals before even thinking about creating a business plan. This month I’d like to walk you through my process that I take clients through in my initial assessment.  The information that we gather in the assessment also allows us to make a plan.

5 Simple Steps

Step 1: What’s your WHY

This is the most important step and worth taking the time to really dig deep. If you get the genuine answers to why you want to create your business, you are more likely to stay connected to the core purpose of it. Staying connected to your why also prevents you from getting caught up in daily business transactions that take you away from the joy of doing what you love.

Step 2: Find three or four words that best describe what it is you want to do

These three words describe what you want to do with a product or service. They also expand and articulate your why. This is a process of reflecting on why you are creating this business, asking yourself what it represents, what it looks like, what is the purpose for the business. 

For example: is a service where my client is trained in NLP and multiple disciplines like ELODA, personal training, and yoga. Each of these words represent what she wants to do with clients to help them move out of old limiting beliefs systems.  Move, Grow, and Shine, were three words that a client and I came up with that best describe what she wants to do and why. 

Move stands for the inner work that is done with the client and the need to commit to in order to change. 

Grow represents the outcome of the client moving out of the old fears and limiting beliefs and growing into a new way of being 

Shine represents the client reconnecting with their mind and body so that they can feel confident and share it with others to inspire them.

Step 3:  What would those three things ideally look like

In an ideal world what would that look like? I take these three words with clients and then look at how their inner intentions would show up into tangible goals, daily actions, products or a service they are providing. For example this is what it would ideally look like with her clients.: 

Move – Have clients identify their barriers and work with people who are inspired to change their old limiting ways.

Grow – Literally have clients move out of old beliefs by doing physical movement, movement therapy and NLP coaching

Shine – Track their growth throughout the process to acknowledge the obstacles they have overcome and then reconnecting with their authentic selves. 

Step 4: What’s Getting in the Way

This means everything from fear, struggling with time management, sorting out your ideas, to resources needed to create and run the business. It’s important to be honest because this information is key to knowing what barriers you need to remove and what resources you will need. Some things are not our expertise and getting help will alleviate the stress of starting a business on your own.   

Step 5: Making a Plan

Now that you have a clear sense of what your business means to you, why you want to do it and what it will ideally look like, it is time to plan. Write the main areas that you need to create a business as well as your goals and intentions around them.

For example:

  • Financial Plan

  • Target Market

  • Proposition Statement

  • Collaborators

  • Marketing Plan

  • Platforms (website, social media)

Once you have the large goals, start to break it down further so that you can create a step by step process you need to get through each area of focus. It’s also a good idea to set out a timeframe and a way to track your progress.


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