Mindfulness – What’s holding you back from letting go?

We all have an attachment to our belongings and for each one there’s a different reason. Over the years I’ve seen the same reasons pop up over and over and the big three I see are: guilt, how much someone spent on an item, and “what if”. In order to change clutter creating habits getting to the root of your attachment is the first step.


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1. You feel guilty

Do you have family members and friends that buy you things you don’t need or like? Do you keep these things because you feel guilty giving them away? 

In order to permanently clear your clutter, you need to speak up and set boundaries.  
This is one of the most challenging patterns to change: telling a friend or family member that as much as you appreciate their gifts, you are trying to live minimally. If they insist on getting you something, suggest for them to get tickets to events or experiences, or to purchase items that you actually need.

2. You spent a lot of money

Did you buy something that caused a dent in your wallet and soon realized it was a mistake? Did you buy a designer item of clothing that you never actually wear? Or did you purchase exercise equipment that’s collecting dust in the corner? Even if you know you’ll never use it, are you keeping it only because you’re attached to the money you spent on it?

We are human and we make mistakes. Letting go of how the memory of much money you spent is huge. Owning up to this pattern will also lighten the load and help you change the habit that is creating your clutter spaces.

3. “What if !?”

What if I need this someday?
What if the store doesn’t this carry item anymore when I need it?
What if this piece of clothing fits me again in the future?
What if someone wants to borrow it? 

If you want to make a change, think about the now. Are “what if”s only causing you stress and anxiety? Instead look to the future and how you want to live your life, what items are holding you back and causing you stress.

Is it worth keeping items you never use if they’re getting in the way of living the way you want to?

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