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Life + Business Design

“The value of working with Tonia was immediately apparent. Her system broke down my personal goals into managed, incremental changes and helped me to focus on sustained change that would benefit not only myself but also my business.

I highly recommend Tonia’s services – anyone can benefit from the process and reap the professional and personal rewards of establishing a better relationship with your personal environment and yourself.”

— Kevin MacKenzie Founder of ExpertFile

Life + Business Design

“I did online coaching sessions with Tonia with the goal of finding clarity on my professional goals. With her guidance, I made a vision for many areas of my life and started taking steps in that direction. I let go of physical and emotional stuff I no longer needed and I applied to job opportunities that were in tune with my values, wants and needs. I’m happy to say my apartment looks and feels better and soon after my sessions with Tonia ended, I got a job offer for a position that was better than what I had imagined.”

-Gabriela B.



Life + Business Design

 “I recommend Tonia to help you move forward in your goals and life. Since working with her, I’ve been able to accelerate my results.

Tonia has a process that all encompassing. That is, she helps nurture the inner and outer changes necessary to move forward. With the opening of a second business, Tonia supported me in defining my priorities and getting traction on them. She is multi-faceted: She helped with design of the office as well as the marketing.
When you work with Tonia, she keeps you on track and helps you manifest your goals in a caring and supportive manner. With Tonia, you have an ally by your side.”

-Darrel C. from Satori Health And Wellness

Life Design

“Working with Time + Space Solutions has helped me learn more about myself in order to create space not just my physical spaces but also my inner space. It was quite a process that is still an ongoing positive experience.

I’m only able to scratch the surface here but I will say that it has helped me to understand that how I treat myself is reflected in my physical environment. I felt much lighter, mentally and emotionally, after de-cluttering. New things started to flow much easier into my life. During and after sessions, I noticed some deeper emotions that bubbled up and came into my awareness. I felt like the less stuff I owned, the less affluent I would be, and no one would love or respect.

Going through this process with Tonia helped me shift these false beliefs so that I could have spaces and items that better reflected my life intentions. It also created spaces with less clutter to distract me from taking action where I needed to take action.”

-Hafeez S.


Life Design

“Tonia worked with me on every room in my home and helped me transform it into a much better organized, and better-functioning space! Guests who had seen my home before the decluttering process now comment on the great energy they feel when they step into the door. And it is so much easier to keep clean now! I was also very impressed with Tonia’s professionalism: she was motivated to help me reach my goals but also mindful of resources. She was also extremely punctual, excellent with time management, and an impressive creative problem solvers. I am so glad I invested in her services!”

– Lynn K.

Business Design

“I did business coaching and organizing with Tonia and it was a great investment! She helped me reduce and simplify my work and schedule and provided a lot of support and resources for me to succeed. Thanks!”

– Karen K.

Life Design

“Tonia helped me organize my closets a couple of years ago. And I still bring people up to my clothing closet to brag about how neat and tidy it is. Those who’ve known me for a long time are surprised I’m able to maintain it. It’s mostly due to the thoughtful work of Tonia and her ability to find ways that suit me. She helped me carve out a template that is easy for me to stick to.”

– Dionne J.

Life Design

“Tonia was indispensable in helping me declutter and organize my house. She provided clear thinking, perspective and motivation. It was wonderful and very encouraging to see the quick results. On my own, I have found the process of organizing to be overwhelming and slow. I am too close to my stuff to make much headway.”

– Steve L.

Life Design

“I first saw Tonia in action by chance, while visiting a home I had lived in, and it was so impressive, I invited her to tackle my own place well; I’m so glad I did. She organized my stuff in ways I had not even considered, and short order made light of what to me had seemed like a daunting task. I’m very thankful for her work, and quite happy to recommend it to anyone who may need it. It was worth every penny.”

– Nelson.

Life Design

“Thanks Tonia for helping me setup my art studio. It was very helpful and now I can find things a lot easier. It is a fantastic service. Tonia made feel at ease when changing things around. My place is a lot more functional. I am a lot more happier with my space now that I know where everything is.”

– Sara.