Terms and Conditions for Full Membership

As part of the full membership ($44 US/monthly), you will receive the following benefits:

  • Anxiety and the clutter it creates course with worksheets and video lectures
  • Twice a month live Q & A
  • Video lectures for new courses
  • Intro program content and worksheets
  • Free mini handbook of overall process with exercises
  • Monthly newsletter and upcoming news
  • New programs and courses every 6 to 8 weeks
  • Monthly challenge


The Member agrees that they will not:

  • Share their login information with anyone else
  • Reproduce any of the information received as part of their membership and share it with non-members
  • Post inaccurate, inappropriate and offensive content to other members, in forums, the founder or in live Q & A sessions



  • Members information will be keep confidential and not shared with any outside parties unless mandated by a court system
  • This agreement can only be terminated if a member cancels their membership and no longer has access to the membership platform
  • By signing this agreement both parties agree to the terms and conditions
  • There are no refunds for months already paid for. If you wish to cancel your membership you must do so prior to your next monthly billing cycle
  • If you wish to cancel your membership then follow the procedures laid out in your account. If you need assistance please contact tonia@timeandspacesolutions.com
  • If you tried the membership for 30 days and are not satisfied you can receive a full refund. You MUST email no later than 31 days after trying the membership to request a full refund. 


Membership Duties:

  • Pay monthly membership fees based on pricing during initial sign up
  • Payments are automatically billed monthly based on the date of initial registration with the payment method chosen at that time
  • When there is a price change the member will be notified a month prior to any changes and then the new membership cost will be applied
  • Members are encouraged to participate at least once a month in the live Q & A whether to observe and listen or engage in discussion
  • The membership is not meant to replace therapy, counseling trauma coaching etc, it is encouraged and that you seek one on one support from a trained professional


Membership Rules:


  • During online live Q&A, members are expected to be respectful of the host and other members. If this is breached, then members will be given one warning, if this behavior continues after the initial warning, the member will lose their membership, and it will be canceled and terminated by the administration
  • If a member’s membership has been terminated due to the above conditions they are not allowed to sign up again with another email address or name
  • As a member, you will not seek indemnification from your organization or any of its members for any damages, financial loss, action or inaction, etc.