Core Values: How Being Connected to Your Values Can Help You Set Meaningful Goals

Over the years I’ve written blogs about goals setting and intention setting within the context of my process. This first step allows you to look deep within and see how your inner desires are or are not showing up in your life. Values are qualities, characteristics, principles or expectations of behaviour that are truly important […]

Personal Goal Setting – Where to Begin When Creating Your Own Business

Creating a business is exciting and at the same time can feel daunting because there are so many aspects to running a business. The need for sales and a steady income can sometimes get in the way of why you created your business and your original intentions. First Steps in Brainstorming For Your Business For […]

Mindfulness – Letting Go Of To Do Distractions

This vlog goes over the basics of to do distractions and how we can eliminate those to do’s that don’t serve us. Often people put more on their plate than they can handle and in some ways they are distractions to staying focused on what’s important to us. I walk people through a process of getting […]

Mindfulness – Shifting Digital Distraction

  Being intentional is key and an important first step to making any change. Check out this video on digital distractions and learn how you can shift your habits and become more present and in alignment with your intentions.

Boundaries – Setting Boundaries with Your Belongings

You’re belongings. Do you own them or do they own you? Where do you begin and you’re belongings end?  I’ve talked about our relationship to our belongings in other blog posts.  This month I’d like to take another look at belongings and go over how to set boundaries with them. Setting boundaries can be very […]