Mental Health: How Trauma Shows Up in Our Lives

Trauma has become the new buzz word. What does it really mean and how does it show up in our lives? It’s not only the big trauma’s that affects, it’s also the accumulation of small hurts that affect us deeply. Learn more in this months blog about trauma and healing from it.

Minimal Wardrobe – 6 Steps To Creating a Minimal Wardrobe

In last months newsletter I talked about the 3 benefits to having a minimal wardrobe.  Now it’s time to take action! Check out my 6 steps below that break down the process to ensures that you will complete the challenge from start to finish. 6 Steps to Change and Creating a Minimal Wardrobe: 1. Goal […]

Minimalism – 3 Benefits of a Minimalist Wardrobe

We choose what we wear everyday — clothing is a way to express ourselves and a reflection of how we engage in an ever changing world. Clothing is my favourite category to help people organize. I love helping to identify clothing someone actually loves and minimizing their wardrobe so they feel amazing every time they […]

Sustainability – Declutter Before Green Design

Getting organized can often be a long, ongoing process. It’s easy to put off until tomorrow, especially when it’s not part of your daily routine. A housing transition is an optimal time to finally declutter and get organized because it gives you the opportunity to start anew. The organizing process also helps to clarify the […]

Sustainability – How Getting Organized Supports a Circular Economy

The items we purchase and dispose of have a huge impact on the environment and the economy. The life cycles of our “stuff” is often ignored. When you’re organized, it’s easier to be more mindful of what items you buy, how you take care of them and how you can extend their lifespan. What is […]

Attachment Styles – How Are You Attached to Your Belongings?

In 2015, after working in the organizing field for about a year, I read Marie Kondo’s book, The Magic Art of Tidying Up. Although I was very organized already, I decided to go through her process because I’m always interested in experimenting with new organizing techniques. I thought, “this will be so easy — I’ve […]

Mindfulness – Minimize + Organize + Sustain

I was recently invited to be a guest speaker for Global Figure and was given only ten minutes to talk about what I do, and why. This short format was quite the challenge. I’ve written numerous blog posts about organizing and my business, and have spoken about minimal living and its positive effects to anyone […]

Sustainability – 3 Ways to be Organized and Minimal on a Budget

The organized and minimal lifestyle has become a trend that can come with a big price tag. There are many new products out there, like sleek white storage solutions, closet organizers and so much more that claim that they will “fix your clutter problem?”. What exactly is the problem? It is simply that you never […]