New Year, New Way: Striking Balance Between Creating and Allowing

The concept of creating can also be seen as “doing,” where we focus on our external world and getting things done. It can mean creating a list of desired outcomes, both internally (like being more accepting of others) and externally (working on writing each day).

13 Home Organization Tips to Spruce Up Your House by Julia Weaver from Redfin|Blog

Do you have items out of place? Or clutter taking up important areas of your home? If so, it may be time to reorganize. After living somewhere for an extended period of time it’s normal for things to become unorganized or out of place. If you are ready to take the step towards organizing and […]

Setting Boundaries – Time to Make Time

Often when people think of boundaries the first thing that may come to mind are boundaries in relationships, or the boundaries they see in physical spaces, like property lines. All types of boundaries play a role in creating a healthy balanced life. Having boundaries around time is something that is also important to address and […]

Mindfulness – Living With Intention

Instead of defining myself as a professional organizer, minimalist or environmentalist, I’ve realized that what my purpose in life is to live with intention so my lifestyle matches my values.  I’d like share this new insight and what it looks like in the work I do. WHY I created TSS I created Time + Space […]

Habit Changing – 4 Ways to Declutter Your Holiday Habits

It’s that time of year again – many of us get swept up in the holidays and the gift giving/receiving tradition. Very often the intention to have a more minimal holiday gets lost in the last minute rush to get everything done. Too soon, the holidays are over and you’ve (1) spent more than you […]

Minimal Wardrobe – 6 Steps To Creating a Minimal Wardrobe

In last months newsletter I talked about the 3 benefits to having a minimal wardrobe.  Now it’s time to take action! Check out my 6 steps below that break down the process to ensures that you will complete the challenge from start to finish. 6 Steps to Change and Creating a Minimal Wardrobe: 1. Goal […]

Minimalism – 3 Benefits of a Minimalist Wardrobe

We choose what we wear everyday — clothing is a way to express ourselves and a reflection of how we engage in an ever changing world. Clothing is my favourite category to help people organize. I love helping to identify clothing someone actually loves and minimizing their wardrobe so they feel amazing every time they […]