Mindfulness – Letting Go Of To Do Distractions

This vlog goes over the basics of to do distractions and how we can eliminate those to do’s that don’t serve us. Often people put more on their plate than they can handle and in some ways they are distractions to staying focused on what’s important to us. I walk people through a process of getting […]

Mindfulness – Tackling To Do Distractions

Are you the type of person who will only do something if it’s perfect? Or do you like things done a certain way and won’t let anyone else do it? Does your to do list end up being way longer than those around you, so you get resentful because others’ are not pulling their weight? […]

Mindfulness – Shifting Digital Distraction

  Being intentional is key and an important first step to making any change. Check out this video on digital distractions and learn how you can shift your habits and become more present and in alignment with your intentions.

Sustainability – How Are You Supporting A Bunz Circular Economy Culture?

Bunz, a Toronto-based online bartering community, was originally created as a Facebook group intended to help people navigate high costs of living, support a cash-free, circular economy, and promote environmental sustainability. Since the introduction of the app and btz, a drastic shift in culture seems to have taken place. Today, I’ve been noticing an emphasis […]

Mindfulness – Living With Intention

Instead of defining myself as a professional organizer, minimalist or environmentalist, I’ve realized that what my purpose in life is to live with intention so my lifestyle matches my values.  I’d like share this new insight and what it looks like in the work I do. WHY I created TSS I created Time + Space […]