Tonia Cordi
Vicious CycleAwarenessPurposeful MovementAwakeningStuckLetting GoEvolving Balance
Evolving Balance Series
This series was inspired by two colour theories that look at the different emotions we experience and the different realms of our personalities. The progression of paintings mainly appear in a series of two. The progression starts with Vicious Cycle and Awareness, which are micro-examinations of the self and the cycles of behaviour we fall into. The next two, Purposeful Movement and Awakening, take a macro view of what happens when we begin to follow a path in order to obtain our goals. Stuck and Letting Go take you back to a micro view of getting stuck in old patterns and then being able to let them go. The final outcome is the last piece, Evolving Balance, which shows that achieving balance in all areas of one's life is where peace and happiness lie. It is an evolving balance because we live in a world that is ever changing and so we will always have to adapt and adjust our lives.