Tonia Cordi

My artistic process begins by translating a concept based on human thought or behaviour into a visual representation of experience.

My belief is that each individual has an inner creative being that allows us to analyze, play and create, which for many is lost or suppressed as they enter adulthood. This is what has recently drawn me to clowning, and I pursued formal training this past summer on Manitoulin Island. Moving two years ago to Toronto has allowed me to find other creative forms that go beyond a paintbrush and exploring creative movement is another part of my artistic practice. Through these art forms I would like to continue to explore the way we respond to experiences that are unseen—in particular our feelings, intuition, fears and decision-making and how they are closely linked to what we have been socially constructed to believe. Yet my art strives to encourage people to break out of these response patterns. I look forward to exploring every way possible to express myself, then using my experiences to help others do the same work.