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Living with intention.
Minimize. Organize.
Design. Sustain.

Helping people who are in the process of change to identify their abstract goals and turn them into actionable steps — both in their life and/or business.

I do this through a process of decluttering and organizing your life. This an integrated approach, where we will identify your personal and/or business intentions, goals and barriers. We then minimize clutter getting in the way (time, space, mindset) and organize what’s left. Lastly, we sustain the change by shifting habits, beliefs and lifestyle changes. 

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Storm, fog, chaos. Life can be like the weather… difficult to navigate and hard to manage at times.  Even when the storms are over and we can see what’s in front of us we’re not always able to identify where we are or what direction we need to go in.  This is where I come in.  I help people out of the storm and guide them in the direction they want to go – supporting them along the way.

My name is Tonia and I’ve created a business that encompasses my intentions and values — everything from personal growth and sustainability, to organizing and creating systems. I am committed to helping individuals define and create their ideal lifestyles and/or businesses.




  • Identify intentions and goals

  • Envision your ideal future

  • Pinpoint your barriers (time, mindset, physical)

  • Create a plan


Webinars + Online Workshops


  • Process overview

  • Assessment walkthrough: clarify intentions and goals, and identify first steps

Small Group Workshops (4 week):

  • Walk through 4 step process focusing on one main area (i.e. creating life balance when working from home)

Life Design

  • Clarify your intentions + goals 

  • Minimize clutter (time, mindset, and physical)

  • Organize and design your physical spaces, schedule and tasks

  • Address clutter creating habits, routines and mindset tendencies

Business Design

  • Clarify your intentions + goals 

  • Create systems and processes for your business and task management

  • Branding and business strategy

  • Provide support and accountability


Case Studies


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Village Spare Bedroom

This client was ready to shed the past and let go of years of paperwork and other items that no longer served a purpose.


Workshop – Clutter to Clarity

This client is an avid builder and always had multiple projects on the go. He used this room as storage for all types of things — and it was full to the brim!  

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Creating New

This client and I collaborated to revamp their current business, work on branding, content and time management.




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How To Deal With Stress In the Workplace: Strategies for Getting Your Classroom Organized To Reduce Your Stress

Working from home is not possible for everyone.  During these challenging times teachers  will be heading back and working for the first time ever under unprecedented times.

Screen Shot 2020-09-17 at 9.54.55 AM.png

How To Reduce Stress In The Workplace: Teachers Edition

School has begun and this year is one that bring new stressors to the workplace. This vlog reviews common stressors at work as well as how to reduce your stress in the classroom and at work.

Personal Goal Setting – How To Identify Where You Are In The Process of Change So You Can Be More Productive Working From Home

Life can be challenging and stressful in the best of times. Making lifestyles changes, like transitioning to working from home, can be even more challenging in a cluttered space. 

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1 hour Online

$99 + HST

Webinars +
Online Workshops

1 hour Webinars


4 Week Workshops

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Life Design

4 Week Online Package

4 sessions for 45 mins

$599 + HST

Business Design

4 Week Online Package

4 sessions for 45mins

$799 + HST

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Life + Business Design with Gabriela

“I did online coaching sessions with Tonia with the goal of finding clarity on my professional goals. With her guidance, I made a vision for many areas of my life and started taking steps in that direction. I let go of physical and emotional stuff I no longer needed and I applied to job opportunities that were in tune with my values, wants and needs. I’m happy to say my apartment looks and feels better and soon after my sessions with Tonia ended, I got a job offer for a position that was better than what I had imagined.”

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