Classes and Workshops

Do you want to learn about the root causes of your anxiety and the clutter it creates?

In this 4 week online course you will learn how to let go, create calm, stability and confidence in yourself. 

The word trauma is the new buzzword and has a misconception attached to it. It’s not always the big trauma that affects us. It can be the small repeated challenging life experiences that remain unresolved and create our life clutter. 

My intention is to help you make connections to your beliefs, behaviours and thoughts and your past experiences. This doesn’t not mean reliving or remembering your past. Its about seeing the how you’ve been stuck in old ways, particular beliefs and feelings that run the show, and how you can shift to new ones that set you free from your clutter.

After the 4 Week Course You Will Walk Away With:
– Clarity and understanding of what your anxiety is all about
– Feeling more in control of your emotions
– Being more intune with your body and nervous system
– Strategies to calm and feel safe
– Awareness on how your anxiety creates clutter in your life
– Tools and strategies to shift your behaviour, beliefs and habits that create your clutter
– How to let go of your current clutter 
– Resources to support you outside of class 

Week 1 – What is Anxiety?
– A deeper understanding of anxiety by letting go of the label and focusing on what being safe means
– How it shows up in your life
– Tools to shift your feeling unsafe and create new beliefs around your fears

Week 2 – Your Nervous System on Anxiety
– How your nervous system operates
– Where anxiety and safety fits in
– Your f type and the clutter it creates
– Strategies to strengthen your nervous system

Week 3 – Anxiety and Trauma 
– How trauma plays a role in your anxiety and feeling unsafe
– Looking at the stories you tell yourself 
– Rewriting your story from a place of peace
– Strategies to shift your story and relationship to anxiety

Week 4 – Facing the Fear
– Understanding the root cause of your anxiety
– Shifting your coping mechanisms
– Creating new habits, beliefs and behaviour 
– Tools on how to let go, trust and believe

Early Bird $295 – ends March 21st

Regular Price $345
– includes weekly resources
– templates to complete exercises
– online small group weekly class
– classes will be held on Skype

To register for the 4 week course email me at

Custom Workshops

Create your custom online virtual workshop that allows your staff to engage, connect and learn. TSS workshops use a variety of techniques to ensure participants feel seen, heard, understood and most of all engaged. Each workshop includes take away material so they can integrate what they learned from the workshop into their lives.

Creating Balance in a Hybrid Working Model

Creating life balance and better mental health for the many hats you wear!

Does everyday feel like:

  • You’re running out of gas before the day even starts? 

  • You can’t seem to get things done for work like you used to? 

  • You’re feel the effects on your body working from home?

  • You’ll never have those close connections with others like you used to?

Take this spring to create a new way to adapt to an ever changing world in a way that allows you to be the best you. Learn how to create an environment, better your time management and connections. Participate and apply the TSS process that will allow you to overcome everyday challenges with work, life, your mental health and wellbeing.


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Week 1 – Value + Goal Setting

  • Identify your values then set goals so you live out those values

  • Addressing the differences between mental health and mental illness

Week 2 – Planning

  • Creating a realistic and clear plan

  • How are emotions and feelings can get in the way of achieving goals

Week 3 – Minimize

  • Overview of process and discussion around letting go and attachment styles

  • Learn how to let go and shift being stuck in old beliefs

Week 4 – Organize + Design

  • Why life hack and storage solutions alone don’t work

  • Creating change on the inside and outside for better mental health

  • Overview of organizing process

Week 5 – Sustain

  • What sustaining change looks like (creating habits, routines, and life style changes)

  • How to make inner change from awareness gain through the process

“I highly recommend Tonia’s services – anyone can benefit from the process and reap the professional and personal rewards of establishing a better relationship with your personal environment and yourself.”

— Kevin MacKenzie

“I did online coaching sessions with Tonia with the goal of finding clarity on my professional goals. I’m happy to say my apartment looks and feels better and soon after my sessions with Tonia ended, I got a job offer for a position that was better than what I had imagined.”

— Gabriela B.