5 Strategies to Personal Goal Setting and Habit Changing: How to Stay Focused When Working From Home?

Goal setting and habit changing go hand in hand. If you want to create something new in your life then this requires change and a willingness to let go. Usually this means a change in your scheduling, spaces, beliefs and habits.  

Setting goals is a great way to start and help you see what needs to be different in order to adapt to an ever changing world. Shifting to working at home can throw many people off balance. Going through a process to get organized, adapt and change is key to restoring harmony in your life. 

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Why Setting Personal Goals and Going Through A Process Will Help you Focus More When Working From Home

Instead of searching for the best life hack or time management tips, it’s imperative to note the difference between life hacks and going through a process. A life hack is simply a quick fix and band aid solution to a bigger problem. Whereas going through a process gets to the root of the problem, addresses it and allows you to make changes so that you achieve your goals. 

Going through a process also means gaining awareness and understanding the personal habits that create life clutter or prevent you from adapting. Once you’ve acknowledged these patterns, accepting them is key to being able to take clear action that is meaningful and purposeful. 

Other reasons why setting personal goals and life intentions is key to making change are:

  1. Reference Point: They help anchor you when you’re in the thick of it and want out. Goals remind you of what these small actions are leading to and in turn help you to complete them with passion and purpose. 

  2. Create Change: Tips and organizing rules are quick fixes, whereas goals are based on your values and life intentions.. Since they are specific to you and come with a clear plan, they remind you of the path you are on and why.

  3. Focus: Goals help you to be more mindful of your time, which in turn makes you more focused on your tasks because you are clear on what you need to do and what you are working towards.

What makes Habits Changing Difficult?

Making healthy lifestyle changes and looking for ways to deal with stress takes time and energy because it requires learning something new. Often life hacks and tips found in books and on the web promise that you can change in 21 days. This can be very disappointing and disheartening for many because it doesn’t actually work.

The reason lifehacks alone don’t work is because there are way too many variables in people’s lives to guarantee that changing one thing will change everything and in a particular amount of time. Another reason they don’t work is that habits usually have underlying beliefs, thoughts and emotional patterns around them. Replacing an old habit with a new one will only last for so long if you don’t look at the deeper connections.

Often people get excited and go too hard, too fast when trying to make lifestyle changes. We live in a fast pace culture where high expectations surround us. Instead, think about what you really want and keep the steps simple. By tackling one small goal at a time, you are able to be more present and feel the rewards of accomplishing something, which increases your momentum and keeps you on track.

Lastly, it’s important to make sure that the changes you want to make are coming from you and not external sources. Otherwise, the changes and new habits won’t last because in reality it’s not something you want to do. It’s also a process that involves both inner and out change. Being intentional and connected to yourself allows for this process to deepen and be very transformative.

Healthy lifestyle Changes – 5 Ways to Stay Focused When Working From Home

When you’ve gone through a process that addresses your life intentions and personal goals, you’ve created a meaningful path. Having organized spaces and new habits and routines makes it easier to have a healthy lifestyle and increases the ability to be productive working from home.

Some ways to help you stay on track after going through a process:

1.Journaling in the morning or evening 

This is helpful because it allows you to express how you are feeling, gain insight on your situations, patterns and ways to move forward. It can also be great when you do have to talk to someone about a difficult situation because by narrowing down the key issues, your conversation can be more focused rather than accusatory and reactionary. By going through this practice, your subconscious is clear and you are better able to focus during the work day.

2. Reflect and learn from you patterns

Taking time to look at what you notice and what you are learning from making changes helps create deeper meaning.  This deeper connection also means that your actions are more likely to come from within rather than from external pressures. 

3. Stay connected to your intentions and goals 

Remembering the inner purpose and desire for this change supports your daily efforts. You can make a dream board, write your goal on a sticky note or reflect each morning about your intentions and goals for the day and future.

4. Habit Chart 

Creating a habit chart like this one, can be great for many reasons. For one it helps you track your progress. Two it can help you see patterns that affect your ability to change and help you make adjustments. Plus it actually has a positive effect on the brain when you check off that you’ve done something, so it’s best to print it off and have it on your desk or somewhere you can see easily.

5. Accountability 

Get a coach, friend, and/or group who can be on your team to keep you accountable. Being held accountable helps you stay motivated and on track.

Living out your intentions requires making lifestyle and habit changes, which takes time. Other things may pop up and temporarily take priority. Allow yourself flexibility and just keep returning to your intentions in a non-judgemental way and remind yourself why they are a priority to you.

Interested in a goal setting template? Feel free to email me at tonia@timeandspacesolutions.com to get the TSS goal setting template.

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