Mindfulness – Living With Intention

Instead of defining myself as a professional organizer, minimalist or environmentalist, I’ve realized that what my purpose in life is to live with intention so my lifestyle matches my values.  I’d like share this new insight and what it looks like in the work I do.


WHY I created TSS

I created Time + Space Solutions because I wanted to help people live with intention, so they could reconnect and live closer to their values and dreams. A simpler life allows you to be more balanced, as I discuss in a recent blog. I read the book “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek and was inspired to define and share my why.

I’ve always loved when people have reached out to me for clarity and insight in their life.  After helping them gain insight, it’s a joy to then provide them with a process to move closer to the life they want. Being a professional organizer allowed me to do this.

My big WHY is that I live with intention in all areas of my life and want to help others do the same.

I believe that life is always changing — if you don’t know how to adapt to these changes, it’s difficult to live a balanced life. I want to help people feel empowered and aware that they have choice and the ability to create the life they want.

HOW I Help People Live With Intention

There is no one rule to follow to live your best life. Someone’s “7 rules to be organized” may not suit you at all.

That’s why I created a process that starts with identifying and reconnecting to what’s important to you. We discuss your values and intentions and use these to guide your organizing process – instead of being told to follow rules that don’t work for everyone.

The actual organizing process is different for everyone, but the main steps of my process include:


Clarifying your intentions and values and identifying the lifestyle you want. Here we assess what’s working in your life and what’s getting in the way. We then turn our focus to the areas we are working on (physical space, time management, conceptual clutter, etc.) and letting go of what’s not serving you.

Organize + Design:

I will set up systems (mental or physical) that are intuitive and easy to maintain. There are organization strategies that are very effective, and we will combine these with your specific needs.


Sustaining the changes is the most crucial aspect of this process. I’ve talked about this in my vlog —  it is necessary to look at your core beliefs, habits and thoughts in order to create change. I help people shift these habits and beliefs and give new ways of living that match the intentions and goals we set out in the beginning of the process.

WHAT Are the Results

Getting organized, both mentally and physically, has allowed me to get more done while feeling less rushed. It has allowed to be more intentional, and to see what I do or do not want to take on.

A recent client shared that they felt more focused throughout the day after we had worked together. They appreciated having more structure — especially as someone who is creative — and were surprised at how impactful the process was. They also became more efficient because most of their mental and physical clutter was no longer getting in the way, especially when making decisions.

The inner awareness allowed them to connect more with their belongings, with themselves, and make time for self care. Instead of dumping items on surfaces when they get home they now put things away with care and intention.

Do you feel a disconnect between your lifestyle and your values? What’s one area of your life that you can start with to close the gap?

the handbook


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